Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday #36

Thanks Peas & Crayons for hosting! 

I finally managed to get pictures from a full day of food!! 
Here's what I ate on Tuesday.. 

I haven't had eggs in the morning in several days and it was so nice to have them again. Having a good breakfast really does make such a difference in how much snacking I do throughout the day.

I also had coffee. So much coffee. 

For once I wasn't starving at lunchtime and actually managed to make Emma a plate and get her eating while I made mine. I love having Annie's macaroni and cheese in the single containers because it's so easy to just heat it up and mix it with a bunch of veggies. 

I do have to snack a little however.. so I had two mini blueberry muffins. 
I also think I've decided blueberry muffins are my favorite food. Besides pizza... and sushi.. and cheese. 

I will call you squishy and you will be mine. 

I almost don't even want to talk about what I had for dinner.. Partly because the picture is shameful.. (My iphone doesn't do so well without any sunshine) but also because we had turkey tacos again... How does that keep happening?? Every Tuesday!! I swear I don't even make them that often. -__- 

I remembered halfway through that I needed a picture. 
Also don't tell Steven that I managed to sneak cauliflower into them... hehehe  

I'm off to work on crafting birthday decorations for this nugget. 

She's turning one this month and it's all I can do to hold it together. Sloooow downnnn. 

What's the best thing you've eaten this week?? 

How's the weather where you live? It was in the mid 50's yesterday and it's sleeting today. Oklahoma problems. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Eat All The Bread - WIAW 35

I woke up to a strange man in my bed this morning.. :p

Anyways.. here's what I ate on Tuesday...

It's been forever since I had a breakfast sandwich in the morning and holy wow did I not remember what I was missing out on. I made a little omelet with egg whites and spinach and then topped it with turkey bacon and extra sharp cheddar in a light english muffin. I need to go back to premaking and freezing these things. 

For lunch I had one.last.piece. of my favorite bread in the world. I could eat just about anything if you put it inside ciabatta. Today it was turkey with avocado and more sharp cheddar. I also split some edamame, grapes, and a cutie with Emma. 

I branched out from turkey tacos this Tuesday but I didn't stray very far... We had chicken fajitas. ;p Eaten on a classy cardboard placemat because I'd been painting on the table earlier in the day. 

Not pictured is a handful of grapes and another of Hershey Hugs.. seriously somebody get those things out of my house!!! 

Somewhere in the middle of all of that one of my worst fears came true. I locked myself out of the house. As in I was outside in the snow with the dogs and Emma was inside alone. Facepalm. 

I had to go to my neighbors house in my polka dot socks, moccasins, striped running leggings, and my husbands shirt. Not to mention my lack of bra or the state my hair was in. My neighbor that I don't know so I could use his phone. Steven had just left from his lunch break so he was able to be there really quickly but still. So so so embarrassing. 

Let's just say it was not my day. Later in the evening though I decided to try and do some yoga and get over the frustration I'd been feeling all day and guess what?? I did crow pose for a whopping 2 seconds!! I'm still in shock. I kept trying over and over and twice after that I even did it for at least 5 seconds, one of which was witnessed by Steven.  So yeah, my mood got dramatically better after that. :) 

What's the best thing you've eaten this week?

If you have an extra minute show Jenn at  Peas & Crayons some  extra love. She's having a rough time with WIAW right now and could use some encouragement!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Thoughts and Rambles

I stepped in dog poop yesterday morning. 

Not the best start to a day. Someone remind me how I talked myself into house training another dog?? 
Just kidding.. she's worth it. 

My day did get better after that though and by the time Steven got home from work things were pretty much awesome. For one thing he came in carrying a box full of Quest goodies that I wasn't expecting to come in so quickly. 

little helper.. 

A couple hours later UPS came and brought my new desk and chair. Wooooo hooooo!! I feel like such an adult now with my pretty little work space. In case you didn't know before I had to either use my laptop on the couch or at an old desk I bought on Craigslist to paint and never did, and was sitting at a too tall kitchen chair leaning down to type because I was too stubborn to buy a chair until I found one that I liked enough. I finally did and got a really good deal on it. Good things come to those who wait. ; p 

At the dr. appointment for my knee on Wednesday she said something doesn't feel right with the resistance in my leg and it could be my ACL. She doesn't think it's torn, but it could be loose. (or something??) she is referring me to a physical therapist to have an ultrasound and to see what they can figure out before we do anything more drastic. There was a mention of "injections" that made me cringe a little. 

It was nice to not feel crazy anymore, since as soon as she started pushing on my knee she said "oh.." I'm just hoping it's nothing that can't be corrected quickly since spring is quickly approaching and I want to be outside and running. When I left her office it was hurting more than ever and hasn't let up much since. 

I'm not sure what the context is of this photo set, but when it came across my Tumblr dash I couldn't stop laughing. 

I finished another book last night. It was good, but I think everything else is going to pale in comparison to Gone Girl because I still can't get over it. It was a cute book, which lots of dry humor which is my favorite. Somehow I wasn't aware before I started reading it that it was about a kid in his senior year of high school... sort of a recurring theme for me lately because I've been reading everything by John Green, and so far all of those books have been about high schoolers. 

I feel like I'm at sort of a weird age, where I'm obviously not relating a whole lot to books about people in high school, but not really old enough yet to relate to other books where people are farther along in their careers/marriage and stuff than I am so I don't really relate to them either. (Eat.Pray.Love. for example.. in love with the book, I just don't relate much) Sometimes I feel silly because I liked The Fault In Our Stars so much, but I still thought it was a really good book and a beautiful story. However it doesn't bother me one bit to read Harry Potter books that I originally read at age 11..... ;p 

For my next book I'm torn between these two, so if you've read either of them let me know your thoughts!! 

What's your favorite book? 
Do you have any recommendations? 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday 34

Thanks Peas & Crayons for hosting!! 

I am getting worse and worse at taking pictures of what I eat. I'm really going to try and get better!! Although I am doing pretty good at logging them into myfitnesspal. So that's something. I could feel myself getting wayyyy off track with my eating habits, and have been doing a little better since holding myself accountable in the app. Tracking your meals isn't for everyone, and certainly isn't something I plan to do for a long time, but it has helped. It mostly keeps me from mindlessly grabbing a handful of chips here and there, because I don't want to have to track it and if I didn't track it, it would feel like a lie. Also I have stopped going to Sonic for cherry limeades so much, which is good for my health and our budget. :p

For breakfast we had biscuits with scrambled eggs. Steven was off and I love making eggs any morning that he's home. :) After that we went to the zoo!!

My whole world in one picture.. 

Emma had even more fun than I expected her to. Especially on the train. We only did a half trip, but if I'd known she was going to have such a blast we would have gone all the way around. Her other favorite was the big globe.. which is why her shirt is all wet. She was NOT, however having any part of the petting zoo. No goat friends for this girl. 

We meant to eat lunch before we went, but all we saw on the way was Mcdonalds. Barf.  We ended up grabbing a slice of greasy, undercooked pizza at a place inside the zoo. It was still good. Just not picture worthy. (plus, you know.. I forgot)

I forgot to wear my knee brace, which was a horrible mistake because my knee was killing me when we got home. So badly that I didn't even snack on anything, and I am usually queen of the snacks. I did eventually get off my butt and make tacos. (how is it that we end up having tacos nearly every Tuesday?? I swear every WIAW has turkey tacos in it..) I DID remember to take a picture of those.. but just barely. I had already dug in like a ravenous taco monster before I even made it to the table. 

Not cute. 

You can't tell but there are probably more peppers in there than turkey, and also an impressive amount of spinach. I have become the master veggie hider. If you come to dinner at my house don't expect to not be eating pureed sweet potatoes, cauliflower, or anything else I can cram into your food without you knowing. :p 

I don't want Emma to grow up picky. I want her to not just eat her veggies, but like them. I don't want her to be put off by a side of broccoli. However I don't think it hurts one bit to hide a few extras in there so that we are all getting our veggie quota in every day. Ya know? 

Anyways, time for the dr. appointment for my knee. Wish me luck!

Do you hide extra veggies in your meals?

What's the best thing you've eaten lately?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Much Ado About Knee Pain..

Lately we've had some awesome weather sprinkled throughout the weeks.. Bad for the sinuses, but good for spending time outdoors. I've been enjoying taking the dogs and Emma out for walks or getting to go out on my own and run when Steven is home. And then suddenly last week my knee started hurting and I don't know why. There was no "ouch!! I just injured myself" moment. I was just walking along, feeling fine, and when I started to run there was immediate pain. I've tried to run several times since with the same problem, it wouldn't hurt all day until the very first step I tried to run. Why??????

Yesterday I went out and tried to run; same problem, except this time it kept hurting. Just a dull pain the rest of the day. So I'm wearing a brace for now and have an appointment with my dr. this week. Very frustrating. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's nothing serious because I have a lot coming up this spring!!

1. I'm currently planning Emma's first birthday party. This doesn't even feel real. How is this my life?? I've been tearing up Pinterest and crafting up a storm. (also looking at all my pictures of her and crying my face off a little)

She's got eight teeth and she's not afraid to use em

2. We are also finally going on vacation!!  In our five years of marriage Steven and I have never taken a trip together. We had to be in Alaska three days after our wedding and after that any leave days and money that we saved up were used to go home and visit family.  So we are going to Savannah! I can't wait to take Emma to the beach (Tybee Island) and let's be honest.. eat the

3. I also got a new computer!! I call her Olivia. This probably isn't something that's "going on" but I'm definitely busy um.. "working" now that I have her.

I've had this look on my face ever since I got her. 

4. We got a puppy! Her name is Winnie and she is crazy-town. I forgot how much work house training was.

too much

I'm off for now find something I can grill something for dinner.. thanks awesome weather. :D 

What are you looking forward to right now?

Any advice for knee pain??

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What My Baby Eats Wednesday WIAW 33

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Guys. I have a tenth month old. When did that happen? She crawls, she stands, she waves, she throws fits, she's got teeth for days, eats real food, and drinks water like it's her job. I've noticed that I seem to take her picture a lot when she's eating, but forget to take any of my food. So today I thought I'd just talk about her. =)

Emma prefers to feed herself, and usually needs a bath afterwards.  She recently ate an entire kids cheese ravioli meal from Olive Garden. (followed by a baby wipe wipe-down and wardrobe change in the car)

turkey meatball soup

The only thing she doesn't like is green beans. Pretty weird since that was one of my most craved pregnancy foods, but she's so good at eating all other veggies that I'm fine with it. :) 

kabocha squash

My dreams of splitting an avocado with her have finally come true, but she doesn't have patience for most purees. She's into anything she can pick up and eat all by herself. Fine by me.. the couple of weeks that I did attempt to make baby food were a lot of work. 

Her Dr. told me to go ahead and feed her 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Not a problem since she always wants food when she sees me with it. She's actually helping me eat better because I wouldn't want to give her food off my plate if I was eating like crap. 

She basically eats anything I eat; sweet potato nachos, egg white with spinach, rice, edamame, steamed mixed veggies, fruit, broccoli mac n cheese, any kind of pasta, cauliflower tots.. anything goes (except things she can't chew yet of course) She still has bottles 4 times a day but doesn't always finish them anymore, and I don't think we'll have any problems switching completely off formula when she turns 1. 

cauliflower and sweet potatoes

All in all feeding her has been a pleasant, easy experience. It's nice to feel like something is going smoothly, because believe me not many things do when it comes to having a baby. Like teething, naps, and pooping in public.. but that's a whole other story. 

What's the best thing you've eaten this week?

Any advice for serious food stain removal???? 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Leftovers For Days! WIAW 32

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Long time no see.. huh? Mine's going up a little late today because I'm showing you what I ate on *gasp* Wednesday, instead of Tuesday. 

Okay now that little ramble is out of the way...

The food!!

For breakfast lately I've been downing an ungodly large coffee and taking a handful of whatever leftover veggies I have in the fridge and scrambling them up with egg whites. This morning it was sweet potatoes and spinach. The best part is I get to share breakfast with Emma now that she eats solid food. :)

The great thing about sharing my food with Emma is that it encourages me to eat real food. I don't want to eat things I wouldn't want her eating because she's going to want anything she sees me with. So she keeps her momma in check. 

Keeping with the sweet potato theme, I had sweet potato nachos with leftover chicken for lunch. I never get sick of these!! Recycled picture.. I had no avocado today. :/

For dinner we had leftover chicken tortilla soup and we still have enough left for lunch tomorrow. Yaaaas. 

un-pictured snacks include a handful of raw almonds/dark chocolate chips and a bite of Steven's poptart. No judging. 

What's the best thing you've eaten this week? 

What's your favorite way to eat leftovers?